Sensors and Sensor Interface

Sensors and Sensor Interface

Analog Devices provides solutions for a wide range of automotive sensing challenges. ADI's automotive sensor and sensor interface products have been designed and manufactured with automotive quality and cost sensitivity in mind. This, combined with the knowledge gained from more than twenty years as an automotive supplier will enable you to provide your customers with solutions for better fuel economy, lower emissions, and improved vehicle performance.

Featured Products

  • AD8494: Full J-Type Range 0° to 50° Thermocouple Amplifier w/Cold Junction Compensation
  • AD8210: High Voltage, Bidirectional Current Shunt Monitor
  • AD7150: Ultra-Low Power, 2-Channel, Capacitance Converter for Proximity Sensing
  • AD5933: 1 MSPS, 12 Bit Impedance Converter Network Analyzer
  • AD8556: Digitally Programmable Sensor Signal Amplifier with EMI Filters
  • AD2S1205: 12-Bit R/D Converter with Reference Oscillator
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