In Automotive Electronics, signal processing plays a major role by enabling new functionality and better performance. To create the safer, greener and more comfortable automobiles of the future, designers are turning to Analog Devices’ converter, amplifier, MEMS, sensor, sensor interface, digital isolator, processor, and RF technologies to help them develop cost-effective, higher-performance system designs. Our components and application-specific ICs are found in the most innovative systems for rollover and stability control, airbag and crash sensing, radar and vision driver assistance, HEV / EV power management, 12V battery management, fuel injection, transmission control, head units, audio amplifiers and many other emerging applications. As a long-term supplier to the auto industry, our zero-defect management system is an integral part of our design and manufacturing processes and all Analog Devices’ plants are ISO9001/2000, QS9000, ISO14000-TS16949 certified.

Brochure: Signal Processing Technology for Automotive Systems

  • Airbag/ Crash Sensing
  • ADI is a leading supplier of products that enable collision detection and airbag deployment. With a full portfolio of solutions, ADI can help with your next safety system challenge. More...

  • Rollover/ Stability Control
  • Rollover and Stability Control systems provide active safety of the vehicle through precise monitoring of vehicle dynamics and automatic control of brakes, suspension and steering to maintain driver-intended operation. More...

  • Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS Radar)
  • ADI's broad portfolio of Base-band and RF ICs enable optimized performance/cost tradeoff in 24GHz to 79GHz radar systems. More...

  • Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS Vision)
  • Analog Devices camera based Advanced Driver Assistance products deliver scalable, high performance, low power signal chains to enable adoption of Comfort and Safety oriented automotive camera applications. More...

  • Sensors and Sensor Interface
  • Sensor and Sensor-Interface is at the heart of ADI's technology. Products range from industry-leading op-amps to customized systems-on-chip. More....

  • Battery Management
  • For today's more electronically sophisticated and demanding vehicles, ADI offers a variety of integrated IC battery management solutions specifically designed to maximize your vehicles available power budget. More....

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)/Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Analog's solution provides the best in class accuracy to meet the automotive Li-Ion monitoring and back-up needs for safety, reliability and costs. More...

  • Infotainment
  • ADI gives automotive electronics designers the products and development platforms they need to bring a wide-variety of infotainment, entertainment and navigation products to market faster. More...

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  • AD8436: Low Cost, Low Power, True RMS-to-DC Converter
  • AD8283: Radar Receive Path AFE: 6-Channel LNA/PGA/AAF with ADC
  • AD8280: Lithium Ion Battery Safety Monitor
  • AD8210: High Voltage, Bidirectional Current Shunt Monitor
  • AD8215: High Voltage, Current Shunt Monitor
  • ADUC7030: Integrated Precision Battery Sensor For Automotive


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