Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Modern Electric Vehicle systems need monitors and controls for Battery Stack, Motors and Inverters. Voltages, Currents, Temperature, Alerts, High Voltage Isolation and communications components from Analog are Automotive qualified to support the performance and quality goals of this industry. The tough EMI and temperature environment coupled with the expectation of extremely low defect rates and long product life cycles demand thoroughly tested and designed systems to manage the multi hundred volts of the battery stack, measuring and correcting to millivolt and single degree sensing. Kilovolt isolation and multi hundred Ampere to milliamp currents, require enhance communications and protection, along with instrumentation quality accuracy over the life of the vehicles.

Featured Products

  • AD8280:Lithium Ion Battery Safety Monitor
  • ADUM1400: Quad-Channel Digital Isolator (4/0 Channel Directionality)
  • ADUM1300: Triple-Channel Digital Isolator
  • ADuM1200: Dual-Channel Digital Isolator (2/0 Channel Directionality)
  • ADuC7033: Integrated, Precision Battery Sensor For Automotive


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